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Immigration holds different meaning for different individuals. Some immigrants might be in search of a new opportunity, with better climate, social protection, and a decent standard of living, to start their life all over again. While for some, it might be a career shaping step. Whatever may be your reason for immigrating to a new country, you will need a trusted Immigration consultant in Abu Dhabi who can help you make the big shift. Giant Migration is a licensed immigration consultant in Abu Dhabi, and 7 other countries with strong immigration programs to help our clients based in UAE. We have a dedicated team of professionals who are well-versed with their skills and help clients uphold their commitment and consistently extend a very highly specialized service basis the specific needs of the client. We offer our assistance to help clients migrate to Canada, Australia, and New Zealand.

Why choose us as your Immigration Consultant in Abu Dhabi?

Giant Migration is the best immigration consultant in Abu Dhabi that helps you realize your dream of living abroad in a different country. We are a consultancy that is synonymous with transparency and honesty. We are transparent and absolutely honest with our clients over everything. We consider it as our prime responsibility to offer you cost-effective and high-quality immigration consultancy. When you contact us, we make sure we employ the best process and help you accelerate the process, cutting through the red tape.  Here are some other reasons that will help you make the right choice of immigration consultant:
  • Free consultation with No hidden cost.
  • 100% transparency when evaluating profiles.
  • Dedicated Professional Case Manager
  • Assisting with super visa for parents.
  • We offer virtual classes and study material.
  • We also offer physical classes on demand with an in-house trainer.

Industry Compliant Immigration Service from Experienced and Qualified Consultant

Giant Migration is the first choice of people looking for a way to immigrate to either study, visit or live abroad. With over a decade of experience, we offer precise planning, transparency, and utmost flexibility to our clients. We have a strong team of experienced professionals who are niche experts and offer great help when it comes to analyzing, evaluating, and calculating the possibility and chances of making it to a new country. We have case experts that are assigned to help each client with his specific requirement. Our professional team is sure to help you with your selection of specific program, your area of strength and also help you assist in your weak areas. We understand that as your immigration consultant in Abu Dhabi we must help you make a shift to a new country in a new environment easy, we offer just that and more.

Complete Range of Services Offered to Our Clients

  • Immigration services to Canada, Australia, and New Zealand.
  • Permanent Residency Visa
  • Pre-landing and Post-landing Solutions
  • Business and Investor Visa
  • Employment assistance
  • Guidance from legal agents like ICCRC Agents, MARA Agents.
  • Student Visa
  • Post Study Work Permits
  • PR Card Renewals
  • All Classes of Migration Visas (Skilled Visa, Business/Investor Visa, Employer-Sponsored Visa, Family Visa, etc.)
If you are looking for reliable and experience immigration consultants in Abu Dhabi, then, speak with our expert today and let us guide you towards this new chapter of your life.

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