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COVID-19: Immigration To Canada Will Not Be Affected

COVID-19 outbreak has hit the whole world right now, it has affected lakhs of people. With a lack of proper treatment and vaccination, this pandemic has made the world go upside down. Almost every nation suffered a quarantine phase, to ensure the virus doesn’t spread due to any physical contact. All the essentials like travelling, taking public transport, all came to a standstill. The economic impacts of the pandemic have also impacted immigrants’ plans of making a shift to Canada. 

The question arises, would Canada still be welcoming towards the immigrants? The answer to this can be achieved after careful examination of the current situation. The current state of affairs seems to be perplexing. However, what one must know is that there will be no shortage of Immigrants in Canada. COVID-19 will definitely require Canada to adjust the previously laid out immigration plans to match the current situation. 

People who wish to immigrate to Canada must not lose hope. It is the ideal time to start the procedure of immigration. It is due to the fact that most people have either withdrawn or not applied for immigration thinking the current situation would have a lasting effect. However, the reality is different from what meets the eyes. You can consult a reliable Canadian Immigration consultant if you wish to get updated information on the latest happenings. 

In a recent new release, Canada government has shared the information related to the exempt workers who can enter the entry despite the travel restrictions. Immigration, Refugees and Citizenship Canada (IRCC) has provided all the necessary details and also shared that Canada is still accepting and also processing new applications of immigrant workers. 

IRCC Processes New work Permit Applications:-

So, in case you are an aspirant who wishes to apply for immigration to Canada, feel free to do it. Canada government shares that they have all the management and security that is required, right in place to help you. Giant Migration, Canada Immigration Consultancy Firm can help you make a guided and informed decision that beats the chaos and confusion. 

There are more happy news for immigrants, an additional extension of 90 days has been granted to the applicants who might have suffer delays due to the COVID-19 situation. An extension of 90 days for the biometrics is also introduced for the applicants. If all the information seems to be confusing for you then, consult a Canada Immigration consultancy to help you with the task of documentation, form filling, and other related paperwork for you.

IRCC also advises the foreign nationals to make sure that the employer must adhere to the rules set by the provincial government of the employer’s location. There are some other important and necessary travel requirements that one must strictly adhere to before booking the flight. If you want to gain consolidate information on all the do’s and don’ts of immigrating to Canada, then you must get in touch with Giant Migration, reliable Canadian Immigration Consultancy firm.


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