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UAE to Canada: Discover Hassle-Free Immigration

Canada is becoming a popular destination for immigrants from across the world. There are various ways of immigrating to Canada and Express Entry remains one of the top ways of that. To facilitate a faster and smoother immigration procedure, Canada has introduced Express Entry. For your chance of success, you will need to have a high CRS score. CRS i.e. Comprehensive Ranking System score, when exceeds 450, your chances of immigration become higher. The maximum score that you can get in CRS is 1200. Let us find out more about Express Entry and what all you need to know to immigrate to Canada.

Factors Essential For Express Entry Are:

Language Proficiency: Canada accepts two languages – French and English. Either of the two languages can be used by the applicant as the first or the second language. Maximum points for the Language skills factors are 28 in which first language aptitude can be up to 24 points and second language aptitude is 4 points.

Age: The ideal age for getting the highest CRS ranges between 25 to 35 years of age, however until 46 you have the option to claim points.

Education: As per the level of your education, you will be awarded points allotted for each level in the CRS.

Work Experience: Years of experience brings a lot of scope for you. If your job is classified under the National Occupational Classification, you can get its benefit too.

UAE To Canada Migration

While you may not have all the information about Canadian immigration, you can always have experts to guide you. The best Canadian immigration consultants in Dubai will help you in a smooth migration to Canada.

The Documents You Need –

For your application procedure, you will be required to have some certification and documents. These include your qualification, a valid ID, work experience documents, language results, provincial nomination (if any) and written job offer from the employer in Canada.

For those who are applying for Permanent Residence must include their Police Clearance Certificates, medical exam results, and proof of funds.

Now, you can apply for the police clearance certificates from Police’s Official Website, Mobile App, or from Police Offices as well.

The online system will require a police certificate for:

  • You and all the family members who are or more than 18 years of age
  • Each country that you/ any family member has stayed in the last 10 years for continuous six or more months

Once done with the verification and after getting the required certification, you are fit for the visa application.

Biometrics –

Canada needs biometrics for all those who apply for a visitor visa, work, or study permit, PR, etc. This category has been added for more than a year now in the Canadian system of immigration for the verification of an individual with facial recognition technology and their biometrics.

For those who are applying for work permit or study permit or even Permanent Residence, submitting biometrics is essential.

All this can be new to you but with a Canadian immigration consultant in Dubai you will get to know all about the immigration procedure.

The immigration process can be lengthy, tedious and exhausting. With absolutely nobody to guide you through the complex procedures, there are chances that you fall prey to it and commit mistakes. This can be totally avoided with the help of Canadian immigration consultants in Dubai. They will extend their immigration services and support right from the very beginning of the immigration process till your departure and even beyond that.

If you aim at settling down in Canada with Express Entry, get in touch with immigration consultants at Giant Migration today!


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