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8 Important Things to Do Before Moving to Canada 2023

8 Important Things to Do Before Moving to Canada, 2023

8 Important Things to Do Before Moving to Canada


Many congratulations! So, what should you do now that you’ve acquired your visa and Canada is merely a flight away from you? Before booking your one-way ticket to another country, it’s necessary to be aware of some crucial facts about immigrating to Canada, and we’ve compiled it all in one post for you!

Before flying to Canada, it’s typically a good idea to be aware of the general guidelines that must be met, as well as any recent changes in the situation for immigrants in Canada. If you want a more comprehensive breakdown of Canada’s immigration modifications in 2023, find out more through our previous posts on the subject! 

For travel requirements and exemptions, we’ve included a complete list of what to collect and who is eligible to move to Canada.

1. Organize your documents

Before you migrate to Canada, you must secure the necessary documentation for Canada Immigration. Comprises a valid passport, visa, and, if necessary, a work or study permit. The permit you need will be determined by the purpose of your move to Canada. Start the application procedure as soon as possible, since obtaining the requisite documentation might take weeks or months. Acquire all of your formal documentation, including:

  • Degrees of Higher education 
  • Birth Certificates
  • Medical Reports
  • Certificates of Marriage or Divorce
  • Valid Government IDs and Driving Licences

2. Research about culture

Canada has a diversified population and is a multicultural nation. Learning about your chosen province’s culture and traditions might help you adapt to life in Canada. This involves learning about the local language, cuisine, and customs. Develop skills to communicate in English or French more effectively.

3. Create a bank account

Obtaining a bank account in Canada is critical for financial management. A bank account may be opened online or in person. Research the various banks and their costs before opening an account to discover the best choice for your requirements.

  • Choosing a global bank that enables you to withdraw cash from any location in the globe without incurring a transaction cost
  • Begin preparing the exact date of the contract and subscription expiration inside your native nation.
  • Begin studying more about the area of Canada to which you want to immigrate.

4. Look for a place to reside.

One of the most essential tasks before moving to Canada is finding a place to reside. To discover a property that suits your requirements and budget, look for rental listings online or engage with a real estate agent. Location, closeness to public transit, and the expenses of renting or mortgage payments are all key considerations.

5. Obtain a social security number

A SIN (social insurance number) is a nine-digit number intended to identify people in Canada. To get a job or access government services, you will need a SIN. If you live outside of Canada, you can submit an application for a SIN in person at a Service Canada office or by post.

6. Explore healthcare alternatives

The healthcare system in Canada is publicly supported; however, insurance differs by region. To guarantee that you have coverage, it is critical to explore healthcare choices in your target province. You may want to consider getting private health insurance to augment your coverage.

7. Get ready for the weather

Canada’s climate is diverse, with scorching summers and chilly winters. It is essential to plan for the weather in your target province. This could mean investing in warm clothes, a winter jacket, and snow gloves or boots.

8. Consider your mode of transportation alternatives.

In Canada, ways to get around change by city and province. Public transportation, including trains, buses, and subways, is widely accessible at multiple locations. In certain instances, possessing a vehicle is required. Look into your destination city’s modes of transport to decide on the best form of transportation for your specific needs.

Important Tip

Give away, let go of, or sell any items you won’t need once you go, such as furniture, big devices, or unwanted supplies. Always go “light” while moving, but don’t forget to pack the necessities.

Departure Day: Ready, Steady, Go

THIS IS THE END! Departure Day is the day you’ve been looking forward to! For this day, you ought to practice being calm and cool. Moving to another nation, particularly Canada, may make one experience many wonderful things. Still, it’s best to keep calm and pack everything you’ll need to present while boarding and landing the plane in your carry-on baggage. Everything else is entirely up to you afterward! 

Moving to Canada is a huge step. It is not a one-day procedure, and we only advocate completing some of the prerequisites at the last minute. It’s always ideal to be prepared and have everything you need before making a move, which is why we wanted to give you with everything you’ll need to know in the months leading up to your scheduled flight and on the day of departure. We trust in you and hope for nothing but success throughout your initial few months in Canada! 


      1. What does it mean to move to Canada?

Moving to Canada also means you’re immigrating to Canada after obtaining your immigrant status through the legal procedure.

      2. What happens if you move to Canada as a PR?

You will have several benefits, such as healthcare, housing, loan, etc, that will help you during your permanent stay in Canada.

       3. How much does it cost to move to Canada?

The amount varies depending on the immigration agency you’ve chosen, the housing expense, flight expense, etc.

        4. What should I know before moving to Canada?

Well, read the blog above to know more about important things you should keep in check before moving to Canada.

        5. Is it an easy process to move to Canada?

Absolutely yes, it seems hectic, but choosing the right immigrant agency and acquiring all the relevant documents will lead to a much easier process.


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