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Migrate to Canada from Dubai

Canada has developed as one of the world’s leading immigration destinations, particularly for Dubains. With numerous job possibilities, an outstanding education system, and diversity, Canada is now the most desirable country for immigrants to relocate to and reside in. Yet, if you intend to migrate to Canada from Dubai and are unfamiliar with the immigration procedure, you must first learn the basics. We realize that you might have questions, and we’re here to help. The majority of individuals migrate to Canada from Dubai to study or for greater career possibilities. There are various immigration services available for Dubains seeking permanent resident status in Canada.

If you seek such chances, this article will walk you through some feasible alternatives. Let us first comprehend the Canadian immigration system before making a decision.

Immigration to Canada Program

The Canadian government operates over 80 immigration programs to assist immigrants in settling and working in the nation. You have the option of applying for both temporary and permanent Canadian immigration. Permanent residents of Canada have access to the same healthcare policy and other benefits as Canadian citizens. Hence, organize your relocation to Canada using the simple immigration programs outlined below. Migrate to Canada from Dubai and take advantage of your perks!

What Exactly is a PR Visa?

A PR, or Permanent Resident Visa, allows you to apply for citizenship in a nation after staying there for a certain period.

When foreign national applies for permanent residence for the first time, they get a PR visa in their passport. It has a certain term of validity within which the person must go to Canada and fulfill all necessary processes. Visitors, international employees, and students are not eligible for this visa.

With a PR visa, you may enjoy all of the same privileges as current Canadian citizens, except voting rights. Moreover, you are not permitted to work in the government sector or hold political office while in Canada on such a visa.

What Programs Aid Immigration to Canada?

There are several Canadian programmers that may assist you with obtaining a permanent residency card in Canada. Our Canadian immigration consultants in Dubai will take you through the entire process. Here are some programs explained below.

  • Express Entry (EE): It’s the shortest and most well-known Canadian immigration method.
  • Provincial Nominee Programs (PNP), allow skilled persons or those with a solid education and employment record to contribute to a certain region or province.
  • Atlantic Immigration Pilot (AIP): It’s a program for international graduates or skilled foreign employees who want to remain and work in Nova Scotia, New Brunswick, Prince Edward Island, Newfoundland, and Labrador.
  • Start-up Visa (SUV): As the name implies, this visa is for entrepreneurs who want to start a company or generate employment in Canada.
    Family sponsorship: It is a fantastic program that permits your spouse, partner, parents, children, or grandparents to live, study, or work permanently in Canada.
  • Caregivers: Via the Home Child Care Provider Pilot, Home Support Worker Pilot, or Live-in Caregiver Program, caregivers may become permanent residents or work in Canada on a temporary basis (LCP).
  • Self-Employed: Those with significant expertise in sports or cultural activities may seek to immigrate to Canada as self-employed persons.

Express Entry

It has become the most prominent and recommended Canadian immigration process. It’s an online form procedure for three separate express entry programs.

  • Canadian Experience Course
  • Federal Skilled Worker
  • Federal Skilled Trades Program
  • If an applicant is qualified for one of these services, they can enter their details into the EE queue. Upon the submission of information, candidates will get grades based on this Comprehensive Ranking System (CRS).

The CRS looks at your age, French and English language skills, education, and job experience. The IRCC verifies your skilled labor in accordance with the National Occupational Classification (NOC) system.

Professions that were formerly subjected to skill levels O, A, and B are now deemed eligible and so qualified for CRS scoring. The Express Entry program encourages the highest-scoring applicants to apply for permanent residence status in Canada.

Provincial Nominee Programmes

The name implies that the software was created and distributed throughout Canada’s provinces and territories. The PNP was founded with the intention of assisting and resolving regional labor market difficulties. Except for Quebec and Nunavut, almost every territory and province in Canada participates in this program.

The PNP is separated into two categories:

  • Enhanced Program: The enhanced programs work in tandem with the Express Entry program. If an applicant is recommended for any of these PNP programs, 600 points will be added to their total score. As a result of this award, the applicant will be at the top of the entry pool, with the chance of receiving an ITA in the next Fast Entry lottery.
  • Base Program: The basic program operates independently. As a result, individuals who are not qualified for the Express Entry scheme may apply. The candidate may apply to the base PNP program via their province, and if they meet all of the qualifying requirements, they will be nominated. With the certificate in hand, the individual may apply to the federal government for permanent residency in Canada.

Sponsorship by a family

Family sponsorship is an immigration policy that enables permanent residents and citizens of Canada to sponsor their spouses and relatives in Canada. Under certain conditions, Canadians may sponsor their parents, children, common-law partners, and grandparents via this scheme.


  • A relative who is medically or criminally ineligible cannot be sponsored by any Canadian.
  • A person registered as an Dubain under the “Canadian Dubain Act” is also able to sponsor their relatives in Canada, in addition to permanent residents and Canadian citizens.

Permit for Study

According to surveys, the majority of Dubain people prefer Canada over any other country for higher education. Many chose Canada for a variety of reasons, including excellent work possibilities both during and after their education.

International students may get a study permit in Canada that is valid for up to 90 days after finishing their course. Nonetheless, permission should not be confused with a visa. Each international student visiting Canada should obtain a visitor visa or electronic travel authorization.

Qualifications to apply for a student visa in Canada:

  • Only if you have enrolled at a DLI (Designated Learning Institution) will your visa application be approved.
  • You must have the appropriate level of English proficiency.
  • You must have a financial plan in place to cover the tuition charge.
  • You must be financially secure in order to continue your education.
  • Character and health standards must be met.

Startup Visa Initiative

The startup visa program is intended to encourage overseas entrepreneurs looking to establish a firm in Canada. Such immigrants may enter Canada on a work permit (sponsored by Canadian investors) and seek permanent residency afterwards.

Qualification for a startup visa:

  • You must own and operate a qualified company.
  • A Letter of Support and a Commitment Certificate from a legitimate Canadian corporation certifying that a company has supported, is required.
  • English or French proficiency is essential.
  • To settle in Canada, you must have adequate funds.
  • FSWP (Federal Skilled Worker Programme)

The FSWP (Federal Skilled Worker Program) is an excellent scheme through which you may move to Canada. With this initiative, the nation receives almost 10,000 individuals each year. The FSWP seeks to recruit talented workers from Dubai and other countries to Canada for a prolonged length of time. Such applicants may apply for PR with their wives and children.

In general, it can be said Canada has grown to become one of the world’s most attractive immigration destinations. The majority of Dubains desire to visit Canada for higher education and work prospects. As a result, there are several immigration programs and immigration consultants in Dubai for Canada for those who want to migrate to Canada from Dubai, some of which we have highlighted in the blog. Since the government tightly enforces the immigration procedure, it is important to constantly follow the terms and conditions for the program to run smoothly.



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